Review: You Will Know Me

Rating: 4 Stars

A psychological thriller set in the world of  gymnastics, this is book takes a peek into the world of competitive sports. I have watched gymnasts perform amzaing feats on TV, but never wondered about their lives; how they have to maintain a compact physique, and at the same time be strong enough to withstand the rigorous demands of their chosen profession. This book not only gives insight into the lives of gymnasts, it also shows the struggle that their families have to go through, though, surely, these families are nothing like the Knoxs!

Katie and Eric Knox are living their dreams through their daughter, sometimes at the expense of their younger son. Their lives revolve around somehow getting Devon to make the Olympics team one day. Katie still harbours some guilt from an accident that resulted in Devon’s deformed foot, and as a result puts all her efforts into giving everything to Devon.

When an hit-and-run causes the death of a boy, the whole community is left shocked. Devon’s gym gets caught in the eye of the storm, and Katie and Eric can see their dreams getting shattered. Rumours start flying about everyone and Katie can’t help but start digging about the accident. As she goes deeper, Katie finds herself unraveling secrets that are better left alone and that may threaten the entire fabric of her family. She is left reeling as more and more secrets come to light, and leave her determined to do what is right for her and her children.

Sometimes, parents will go to great lengths to ensure the well being of their children. Here, the parents will go to any length to make sure their own dreams are not shattered. Is it a crime to want the best for your children? Is it selfish to be willing to go to any extremes for the happiness of your children? This book proves to be a true thriller.

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