Review: An Unwanted Guest

Rating: 4 Stars An old-fashioned murder mystery, set in an isolated hotel, where everyone is a suspect. What's not to like in a book like this? An Agatha Christie fan like me can never get enough of these mysteries, and Shari Lapena delivers the goods most satisfactorily. Ten people check into Mitchell's Inn, a beautiful... Continue Reading →

Review: The Woman In The Window

Rating: 3 Stars The Woman in The Window by A.J. Finn was my most anticipated read this year. I had been trying to get my hands on it for months, but something always went wrong and I ended up not buying it. So, when I did manage to get it finally, I couldn't wait to... Continue Reading →

Review: The Bat

Rating: 3.5 Stars Sometimes, I'm too arrogant for my own good. Everyone told me not to start reading the Harry Hole books from the first book, because it will be boring for me. I refused to listen to them, because I'm arrogant like I mentioned above, and also because I'm a bit crazy, and not... Continue Reading →

Review: The French Girl

Rating: 3.5 Stars I bought The French Girl by Lexie Elliott while I was just browsing around the bookstore, waiting for my kids to make up their minds about what to get. I had never seen this book around and had no idea about ratings and reviews. Fortunately, when I scanned it on my Goodreads... Continue Reading →

Review: The Perfect Nanny

Rating: 4 Stars The Perfect Nanny by Leila Slimani is a very disturbing novel. You know what is going to happen from the very first page, and you keep hoping for some twist that would make you realize that you were wrong. The twist never comes, and you are left feeling devastated at the end.... Continue Reading →

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