Review: Someone We Know

2019-12-01 15.43.06

Rating: 4 Stars

Shari Lapena is an author I can always rely on to deliver the goods. Her book, The Couple Next Door, is one that I recommend to anyone who wants to read thrillers. While her other books are not as highly recommended, Someone We Know comes quite close. The twists and turns leave the reader breathless, and the ending makes them gasp. Just the way it always does with good thrillers.

The story starts with a teenager who has been breaking and entering into several homes in his suburban neighborhood in upstate New York. His intention is not of stealing or causing harm, all he wants is to hack a few computers and boast about it to one of his friends. However, things start to go downhill once his parents find out what he has been up to.

At the same time, a woman down his street is murdered quite gruesomely, and the ensuing investigation is causing all sorts of problems in the neighborhood. When a couple of homeowners receive anonymous letters telling them that their houses have been broken into, the whole neighborhood becomes a hotbed of intrigue and secrets. Now the police is having trouble trying to separate facts from lies and omissions.

Lapena weaves a complicated web of truths, half-truths and outright lies, that make it difficult to guess who is guilty of what, as it seems that in this neighborhood, no one is innocent.

I will also admit that having a teenager and a tween at home, I couldn’t help but empathize with Olivia Sharpe. There really is no manual on how to raise kids, and once they become teenagers, you can only hope that what you have given them is enough for them to come out unscathed on the other side.

I can also sympathize with Raleigh, since it’s not easy to walk the boring path when everyone around you is having fun falling off it. Also, you have to give the poor kid some leeway when he’s the one who has to live with that name all his life!

Overall, a good thriller that made me glad I took out the time to read it.

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