Review: Behind Her Eyes

2018-05-09 18.46.24

Rating: 4 Stars

After I finished reading this book, I couldn’t sleep that night! When all the reviews say that the ending is unexpected and shocking, they’re not kidding. I have read so many thrillers, that there aren’t many things that are truly surprising any more. Behind Her Eyes gave me such a jolt that I still feel weird when I think about it. There is a paranormal element in this book that makes it creepy and terrifying.

It is difficult to write a review for this book that stays away from spoilers, so I will try my best not to reveal too much here. The book starts off with divorcee and mother-of-one, Louise meeting and kissing David, a successful and attractive doctor, who turns out to be married. As if that wasn’t enough, he is also Louise’s new boss. Things become a bit awkward but both Louise and David decide to forget the past and behave like professionals.

Then Louise meets Adele, David’s wife. Adele is beautiful, easygoing, and very sweet. She loves her husband to distraction, and doesn’t have any friends. Louise is fascinated by this woman and perplexed as to why David would want someone else when he has his gorgeous wife. As we read Adele’s perspective, it becomes clear that things are not what they seem in this marriage.

As we go into Adele’s mind, it becomes harder and harder to decide who is the crazy one in their marriage. Louise, on the other hand, is a confused, frustrated woman who wants to be more than just a mother. There are times when you just want to shake Louise and tell her to get a spine. She comes off as another kind of crazy to me.

The book drags in middle and I lost interest because of so much repetition and a feeling as if things are not moving forward at all. This is the main reason why I didn’t rate it a full 5 stars.

The climax is so good that I can see it in a movie! It is creepy, shocking, and everything promised by the writer. But wait, what you thought was the climax wasn’t really the end. There is one more chapter that will truly make your hair stand up, and you will wish you had not read it. Because it turns the whole book on its head, and because you never see it coming. Read this one if you’re a fan of books with crazy twists and crazier characters.

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