Review: The Girl Before

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Rating: 3.5 Stars

Another day, another thriller. This one, while above average, still fails where it counts the most…. the climax. It’s not a boring book, not at all. It is so interesting that once I started reading, I found it hard to put it down, and finished it in one day only. It was in the last 50 or so pages that I was disappointed.

Jane is going through a tragic phase in her life, and she needs change. In her search for an affordable house, she comes across an opportunity that is hard to resist. The house is extremely minimalist, and comes with a long list of rules that are almost impossible to follow. Yet, Jane feels like the house is calling out to her, and decides to apply for a chance to live there.

As she settles down in the house, she comes to know that one of the previous tenants, Emma, died in the house. Her death was ruled as an accident, but her ex-boyfriend is convinced that it’s a murder. As Jane embarks on an affair with an enigmatic man, she becomes more and more determined to find out the truth of what happened to Emma three years ago.

The book alternates between the voices of Emma and Jane, the past and the present. There are quite a few surprises in store, and every chapter leaves you confused and thinking about what actually happened.

The build up is great, and even though I was not really surprised by the turn in the story, I thought it would make for an interesting climax. Except that for me, the last few chapters fell flat on their face. I found the ending to be okay, nothing spectacular. I wish there had been something more shocking or disturbing to end it with.

Overall, it is a good book with quite a sinister feel to it. So, if you don’t mind a mediocre ending, it will be an enjoyable and spooky read.

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